Frequently Asked Questions

You check-in where you are and see a list of other users that are also checked-in, peek at profiles and find like-minded people to send an in-app chat to break the ice and then meet face-to-face.

To see a list of nearby users, click the center map icon at the bottom of the app. Peek at profiles and discover like-minded people. Send an in-app chat to break the ice and if you have a common business interest, schedule a meeting at a nearby public place and meet in person.

PEEKaMEET is a geolocation app, therefore in order to meet people where you are or nearby users, it is necessary activate your location in the settings of your smartphone.

If you are using an iPhone, open Settings and scroll down to PEEKaMEET. Under the 'Location' menu, and select 'While Using the App'.

If you are using an Android, open up the settings by pulling down the top menu, click on 'Location,' and ensure that it is set to On or Settings, Privacy and safety, Location then ensure Location is set to On.

View Nearby Users and if there is someone you have a common interest with and would like to talk to, break the ice by sending an in-app chat. Doing so will make it that much easier to schedule a meeting at a nearby public place.

Check in at your location so you can see other users that are also checked-in. If you find someone who you share a common interest with, send them an in-app chat and go over and say hello.

We encourage our users to complete their profiles and show up-to-date information. Providing relevant information in your profile will get your more meaningful face-to-face meetings.

Above the list of Check in and Nearby users is a filter icon, select it and filter people by what is most relevant to your business needs.

Folders help keep contacts organized. We encourage you to name folders based upon events, cities, or relevant topics and file your new contacts for easy follow up at a later date.

Meeting new people and following up with them is integral to successful networking. It is crucial to make new contacts and stay in touch with them and using Follow Up Reminders and Notes makes it easy to do so with PEEKaMEET.

Select MyAccount – Settings, scroll down to Chat and slide Nobody to off.

Select My Account, go to Settings and scroll down to Nobody on Chat and slide to off. Click on the middle map icon at the bottom of the screen and turn off Show me nearby. Don’t forget to turn these settings back on when you are the mood to network. We want you to meet the people who will help you achieve your business and career goals.

Select MyAccount, click the top where you see your name and view your profile. Edit your profile by clicking the edit icon, make the desired changes and click update profile. Add or edit your photos by clicking the camera icon. You may add up to 6 profile photos.

We think so! When you enter a large room with lots of people, remembering everyone's names can be near impossible. PEEKaMEET allows you to sneak a peek at the list of people who are checked in where you are or at places nearby. However, remembering all of those names is just the first step. With our app, you also get to check out people's profiles and learn more about the people that you WANT to talk to. Our goal is to ensure that you never walk away from an event or place having missed the opportunity to make a meaningful introduction.

Yes, select Delete Chat and confirm.

That person will no longer see you and will not be able to chat anymore.

Select MyAccount - Privacy, scroll down to Blocking, click and view the list of blocked users and select Unblock.

Select MyAccount - Settings, scroll down to Change Password, click, input old password, enter new password and confirm new password, then click Change.

We hope you don’t want to leave PEEKaMEET. To delete your account, select MyAccount - Settings, scroll down to Delete Profile, click and confirm. We hope you see the networking value of PEEKaMEET and welcome you back anytime!

Go to your profile on the left slider, click the edit icon, and change name in the name field, click update profile.

Yes. Select … shown in users profile and follow the prompts to report user.

Select MyAccount - Settings, scroll down to Notification Alerts and select off.

Your location is automatically established by your phone's GPS and cannot be set manually. If you believe that your location is incorrect, please use our contact form and let our customer service team know so we can update our geo-database.

Select the Invite icon at the top of the app, go through the invite options and invite your friends and family. It's important to recall their business needs and interests so that when you meet someone who they might be able to do business with, or who could help them get their dream job or internship, you will be able to make an introduction. Then ask them to return the favor by having them listen to your business and career goals so that they can do the same for you.