PEEKaMEET is the business networking app that creates opportunities for people to meet face to face to achieve their business and career goals. Check in and peek at profiles of other checked in like-minded users, send an ice breaker in-app chat and if interested meet face to face. Click the center map icon at the bottom of the app to see a list of nearby users, peek at profiles and discover like-minded people, send an in-app chat to break the ice and if you have common business interest, schedule a meeting at a nearby public place and meet face to face.

- Networking is simplified by checking in where you are or view nearby users.
- Profile search features take the guess work out of who to meet. Search by industry, job title, company, interests, alumni and organizations and break the ice with in-app chat
- Check in and meet people wherever your daily routine takes you
- Search nearby users & chat
- Join nearby events and start networking with attendees before the event
It's been said, "it's not what you know, it's who you know". PEEKaMEET helps eliminate missed opportunities to meet those that can impact on your business and career.
Networking is essential for success and a business contact is incalculable.


To create opportunities, so that you never walk away from an event or place and miss an opportunity to make meaningful introductions.

PEEKaMEET was founded in New York by Brenda Geer, an outgoing introvert who has spent almost 20 years in the tech world. Working on fun and exciting new tech products has always been a thrill, but meeting new people was sometimes awkward and challenging and that is how PEEKaMEET was born.

PEEKaMEET, it’s where introductions are made.